Harrytown Catholic High School

Careers Programme 

Careers Programme for Years 7-11  

  • Form time discussions on Personal Finance (leading to the idea of living independently) and on Careers take place over the five half terms when there are no formal Careers lessons. These are graded so as to be appropriate for the relevant year, and ensure that students are encouraged to think about longer term aims right from the beginning of their time in secondary school.  
  • Timetabled careers lessons, based on the three core elements of Careers, Employability and Enterprise, as defined by the Career Development Institute (CDI). These take pupils through the stages of discovery and exploration, focusing and planning, deciding and researching, and finally to preparation for the next (post 16) stage. 
  • Employer encounters, enabling students to hear from a variety of employers, and to ask them questions about the world of work. 
  • Access to GMACS (Greater Manchester Apprenticeship and Careers Service) website, to be provided from academic year 2021-2022 to help students with career planning. There will be some opportunities to explore GMACS in school time and staff members are being trained to provide support. However, students will also be encouraged to access the service from home, and to discuss careers with their parents/carers. 
  • Access to further free online resources to help with careers research, which can be accessed from home or school. Parents and carers are asked to support children in exploring these and talking to them about the world of work. Relevant resources will be promoted to Year 10 and 11 students at key times, e.g. in STEM Careers Week, Apprenticeship Week and FE Choices Week. 
  • Apprenticeships talks (Year 10 upwards), enabling students to hear opportunities for apprenticeships and again to have their questions answered. 
  • Options Evening (Year 9), to help students select suitable GCSEs to match future career ambitions. This is attended by representatives from Stockport College, as many of our students move there after leaving Harrytown. 
  • Post 16 evening (Year 11), to help pupils with their future choices. This is attended by representatives from Stockport College, as many of our students move there after leaving Harrytown. 
  • Careers interviews with Stockport’s Careers Advisor (Year 11), to help pupils firm up their career plans/post-16 education. 
  • All students will also be encouraged to build portfolios (virtual or hard copy) as their career aspirations change over time and following their exposure to different ideas and access to a wider range of CEIAG. 
  • Subject staff members are asked to make links as appropriate between what they are teaching, and how the knowledge and, more particularly, the skills acquired relate to a variety of careers. 
  • Our variety of extracurricular clubs and activities are open to all.